29th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems

Nantes, France

Tommaso Cucinotta and L. Abeni are taking part in the 29th edition of the International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems. The two researchers will present their paper "Migrating Constant Bandwidth Servers on Multi-Cores.

This paper introduces a novel admission test for partitioned CBS reservations on multi-core systems, that, on a new reservation arrival, is capable of exploiting better the CPU capacity in cases in which tasks have just recently left the CPU (for example, due to termination or migration to a different CPU). This is particularly useful for highly dynamic scenarios (with frequent arrivals of new tasks or leaves of existing ones) or when adaptive and possibly power-aware partitioning techniques (in which task migrations are triggered quite often to re-balance the workload among the available cores) are used.

  • Slides of the presentation available here
  • Video of the presentation available here