AMPERE factsheets published

AMPERE factsheets published

With AMPERE coming to an end, two factsheets have been published to summarise the AMPERE project and its major achievemtns in an informative and visual manner. Read about the content of the two factsheets below and download them by clicking on the corresponding images. 

The first factsheet is more addressed to an academic audience providing the need of the innovation software architecture of AMPERE as it provides solutions for system integrators and end-users who need to incorporate energy-efficiency and parallel computing into their cyber physical systems. This factsheet could be of interest to different audiences keen to discover the AMPERE technology solution and the two use cases of automotive and rail. 

Academic AMPERE factsheet


The second factsheet highlights the newest energy-efficient and parallel heterogenous platforms and includes non-functional requirements imposed by the system as well as its view of a modular solution. This factsheet could be of interest of potential industry that might be interested in such solutions from the various domains within the railway, automotive and aircraft sectors. 

AMPERE industrial factsheet