AMPERE project wraps up with final webinar

AMPERE project wraps up with final webinar




After 3.5 years, the AMPERE project is coming to an end. The project began on 1 January 2020 with the goal of implementing an innovative software architecture that would take into account the non-functional requirements (time, energy, safety, security) inheritied from cyber-physical interactions.

It envisioned providing the high-performance capabilities needed for the most advanced functionalities of cyber-physical interactions. Automotive and railway domains

The AMPERE final event was hosted via HIPEAC webinar on 27 June 2023 with the goal of sharing the results of this project. Fifty-five attendees from twenty institutions in twelve countries registered for the webinar.

The consortium presented its results and answered questions from the audience. 

The slides are available below:

Session 1

Session 2 Technology behind the AMPERE SW framework

More information on the agenda can be found here.

See the full recording here: